WE CAN'T GUARANTEE FAME OR FORTUNE BUT WE CAN PROMISE YOU PRIDE AND PASSION.  Racing is our passion.  We live, eat and breathe racing.  We are committed to sharing our love of the sport with others and helping them realize their own potential within the sport of auto racing.


Our driver development program is designed to provide a complete short track asphalt oval racing program.  We have designed a plan that will provide our drivers with the necessary tools, resources and training that will sharpen their driving skills and mold them into a well-rounded driver.  Through our program, drivers will focus on qualifying, racing, and communicating with the crew by learning the dynamics of the racecar.  We work individually with each driver to focus on their specific talents and abilities and have set client requirements that will help ensure their success.

The up-to-date equipment we provide, whether it be our LATE MODEL STOCK CARS or LEGENDS RACECARS are guaranteed to be competitive and known to find their way onto Victory Lane. 


We will work with you to determine the best route in making your racing goals a reality.  Pricing will be customized depending on the car, series, quantity and location of races. 


We offer:

  • Full Season Packages

  • Partial Season Packages

  • Individual One-off Races

  • Test Evaluation Sessions*

*Test Evaluation Sessions will help us determine the driver's skill level, which will help determine the best course of action for reaching their racing goals.  Each test session is approximately 100 laps and 4 hours in length.  Test sessions are done at either the famed Hickory Motor Speedway or Anderson Motor Speedway.  Drivers are required to have 2-way communication capabilities, safety equipment (head and neck restraint (such as Hans or equivalent) helmet, fire suit, racing shoes and gloves. The cost is $2000.


Contact us today to discuss joining our program or

to schedule your test evaluation session!